The Prodigal Sun…and Vinnie

We hauled out an old picnic table for an impromptu driveway picnic yesterday to celebrate the prodigal sun…and Vinnie

Both returned to Wisconsin this weekend and turned an ordinary Sunday into a party.

When it comes to weather, we Wisconsinites are the most grateful people I know. All over Appleton people greeted the 56 degree day like a summer vacation. Out came the bikes, strollers and skateboards.

At our picnic, we took full advantage of the odd juxtaposition of snow banks and sun, one of which acted as a natural cooler for beverage bottles and cans, and the other kept us all toasty while we lingered long after the meal.

At one point, some of the kids in our little party (and Vinnie) used a sled to rocket down snow pile adjacent to the driveway, which kept us all entertained.

I stayed at that table plunked down in the center of our slanted driveway until the very last guest had left, and then I sat just a little while longer.

We don’t need much to make us happy in this old world — a little sunshine, as many family members as we can lure to the table, and the time to enjoy them.

One prodigal son returns to Minnesota today, but I hope the other sun lingers right through to Christmas.

Regarding both, though, I intend to celebrate whatever time with them I get.

We had no plans for a picnic at all. but one evolved as the day went on. I love this picture, these people, that sun and the fact that a woman is pushing a strolled down the street behind us. Bring on stroller season!
Some of the kids (and Vinnie) took advantage the high snow banks to ride the sled one last time this year…
…while the rest of the kids (like my niece Erin), pelted him with snowballs. Crazy, warm, winter, family fun.


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