Pure & Weary take on the amendments

A highlight of our recent trip to Los Angeles was the morning we spent working crew for a Pure & Weary production.

With Vince operating the boom and me monitoring the camera, we spent a pleasant, though somewhat exhausting, morning watching them work. We still don’t know what a “best boy” or “key grip” is, and we’re working through our agent to insure proper screen credit, but we still had a blast.

For each take Vince called our ‘sound speed” and I yelled “camera rolling” and they ran through their scripted piece. It is one thing to write a script that elicits  laughter and aha moments during the first run. It is quite another to create a piece that inspires that reaction through multiple takes and edits.

In all their sketches, Pure & Weary work hard to create a balance between laughter, (they are comedy writers, after all), and worthy content. Their mission is to empower their audience and they aim to do that in the workshops they host, the scripts they write, the shows they perform and the videos they post.

This week, they take on the Second Amendment, a complicated topic we’ve all heard plenty about in recent days. Their setting is a dinner party and they invite everyone to the table. The goal is civil discourse, which is a tricky thing to accomplish in a world in which people are quite eloquent in stating their own opinions and sometimes less engaged in listening to others.

They’ll be dropping their video on Facebook at noon central time today. I invite you to participate in the discussion. You can find the link HERE. I know they’d love to hear from you.

Just remember, it’s a Southern dinner party. Y’all bring the manners your mama taught you and try hard not to speak with your mouths full.

I love this picture of Vince and Katherine. He is holding the boom and keeping a reading-glass protected eye on the zoom so he can give sound level notes. “You’re over 12, Leah.”
I was the official camera operator because I stood behind the lens and pressed record. But, the talented Leah set up every shot.
I really enjoyed my spot behind the lens. It’s pretty fascinating to see the whole thing come together.
So cute, am I right?
Our morning with Pure & Weary turned out to be one of the favorite things we did on my first trip to Los Angeles. I can’t wait to go back.
Everyone’s invited to the table. Just remember to bring your manners, y’all.

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