Love is…

Midway through a somewhat miserable day, I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and saw this:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 7.58.10 PM

My heart swelled. Jovie is a sweet little toddler who gets cuter every day. David is her father and Jessica, who posted this, is her mom.

Sometimes, we find love in the unlikeliest places. Tuesday, I found it on my newsfeed.

Love is photographer Josh Rossi, who offered children facing disabilities and grave illnesses the opportunity to be proud members of the Justice League. The photos are amazing — Teagan, a child born with a debilitating heart defect, became Super Man; Sofie, a three-year old cancer patient Wonder Woman; Simon, a five-year old cancer patient, Batman; Zaiden, a seven-year old with severe ADHD the Flash; Kayden, a five-year old double amputee, Cyborg; Mataese, a two-year old cancer patient, Aquaman. A friend of mine posted a video of Rossi’s work on Tuesday and it made my day.

Love is FairyLumberjackHaus, an Etsy site posted by another friend of mine whose brother struggles with Aphasia, a type of brain damage that limits the ability to speak. He has been building beautiful fairy houses for his niece and turned it into a cottage industry.

Love is a grandma recording her giggling baby granddaughter’s physical therapy session, sharing it and making us all smile.

Love is the Happy Cookie Lady,  who posts a little description of what made her happy every day, and asks her friends to do the same.

Love is the inspiration quotes my friend posts every morning to make sure her followers start their day off right.

Love is poetry, music, memories, beautiful dinners, birthday greetings, darling babies, goofy dads.

Love is all around and, in case you’re struggling to find it, love is right here on this post, from a grateful blogger who is happy to see you.

Happy Friday everyone.






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