Winter weekends in Wisconsin

Oh, sure, we’ve had a couple of rough weeks here in Wisconsin, where the wind chill dipped so low it froze the tears in our eyes and no matter how hard we squinted at the TV screen we couldn’t make those purple jerseys look green and gold, but guess what? We acclimated.

In fact, just yesterday I pulled my scarf down, turned my face toward the sun and smiled. Laughter spilled over from the sled hill across the street, joggers made their way up the sidewalk and even the neighborhood dogs lingered a little bit as they made their rounds.

With no tailgates at Lambeau to enjoy, we’ve been wandering Up North on the weekends and, happily, things are hopping up there as well. We popped into Jen’s Naughty Pine for some chicken booyah on a Saturday afternoon and ran smack into a Wild Game Party, a cool forest-to-fork fundraiser you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.

I helped myself to some pheasant booyah and, with all of the tables taken, awkwardly stood taking dainty bites. Almost immediately, a friendly group shoved over and invited us to sit down with them. By the time we left I had tasted some delicious venison enchiladas, smoked turkey, and venison stew and made some new friends.

Last weekend, I caught a few Fire on Ice races on Shawano Lake and noted the annual village of ice shanties that turns up every year. Then, I headed back to our cabin and we enjoyed a really nice, peaceful walk through the woods. Fat snowflakes fell festively as we crunched along. We made snow angels on the frozen pond.

Tonight, Bubolz Nature Preserve will be hosting a candlelight hike, which sounds amazing, and every day there’s ice skating available at Erb Park.

The days are getting longer and spring is only two months away.

Let’s all get out and enjoy winter while we can!

I was curious about all the cars parked on Shawano Lake so I stopped and watched a few races.
The races seemed a little dicey to me, what with the whole ice part of the Fire on Ice series, but I applauded their ingenuity and the way they literally carved an afternoon’s entertainment out of a chunk of ice and a few discarded Christmas trees.
It’s worth stopping by on a Sunday afternoon.
Here’s a street sign for the snowmobilers and a village of ice shanties in the background.
We got a big kick out of walking across our frozen pond. Molly and I made a couple of snow angels.
The next day we tried the pie at OJ’s Midtown in Gillett, Wisconsin. Very tasty.
Winter in Wisconsin can be very beautiful.
And very festive too. We didn’t even know these people before we stopped in for a little booyah.
Next thing you know, our names are on the ceiling tile at Take a Chance in Advance. Winter can be fun!


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