Through a child’s lens

I lent my camera to a four-year old yesterday and enjoyed the opportunity to see the world through his talented eyes.

Happily, that world is chock full of joy. Our little friend Miles and his littler sister Lily hung out with us at our cabin and we all had a great time enjoying all the things that make childhood universally sweet — sled rides, snow angels, swings, stuffed animals , rocking horses, electric trains, and M&M cookies.

They approached each activity with a delightful combination of intense concentration and unfettered glee.

“Can I use that?”Miles asked, pointing to my camera.

“Sure,” I said. I hooked it around his neck and let him go.

What follows are a series of shots Miles and I took, and a couple two-year old Lily shot as well.

It’s been a while since I hung out with such tiny people and I’m happy to say the view is still very sweet from that close to the ground.

This is Molly and a very serious Lily reviewing her shots.
Miles took lots of pictures, including this one of Lily on a rocking horse that was given to me when I was Lily’s age, 50 years ago.
We had some fun outside too, 
The light hit Lily just right when we were setting up the electric trains.
Miles took his conductor duties very seriously.”Can I light ‘er up?” he’d ask while he waited for me to get the cars set on the track. “Light ‘er up,” I’d say when the cars were ready.
Then, Miles asked if he could use my camera and he took this great shot of Lily from the loft of our cabin.
Miles took this shot…
…and then Lily took this one.
Miles took this picture of me.
And I took this picture of Lily, because I wanted people to see that in Wisconsin we teach our daughters how to throw a perfect spiral even when our favorite team ended its season a little earlier than we’d like. Go Pack Go!



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