God bless us, everyone

It is Christmas morning and I am sipping tea at a dining room table that is still dressed for last night’s dinner.

My bandaged left finger throbs a little from another slice, and two of the Christmas presents I ordered remain lost in some Amazonian Galaxy far, far away.

My Christmas cobbler did not impress, due to an ineffective peach to biscuit ratio and, while they look festive right now, my outdoor Christmas lights and I have battled all season, resulting in two blown outlets and a visit from an electrician.


I am staring at a Christmas tree that once listed so heavily toward the door that I had to heave it up out of the stand, ornaments dangling precariously from its branches, while my husband hacked off a few lower branches and re-screwed it in place.

This morning, though, the lights, the tree and the sleepy people upstairs all seem perfect to me and I am so very grateful.

I looked around our table last night and thanked God for another opportunity to spend time with the people I love — including the ones who Facetimed us from North Dakota at exactly the right time.

Christmas miracles happen every year and it’s up to us to recognize them. You can find them in the chaos — the belly laughs, the chance encounters, the Rumchata whipped cream, the hugs and all that sweet thoughtfulness wrapped up and waiting.

Merry Christmas! I hope you all help yourselves to another slice of joy today. God bless us, everyone.



5 thoughts on “God bless us, everyone

    1. Merry Christmas Tim! Great to hear from you! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

  1. I’m sitting with my coffee looking at our beautiful tree and reading the warm sentiments from “Another Slice” and realizing you captured my thought exactly. Merry Christmas.

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