Let’s do the Time-Warp Again!

My friend Catherine and I took a spontaneous jump to the left last night, and then a step to the riiiiight. We put our hands on our hips, and brought our knees in tight.

My first Rocky Horror Picture Show experience turned out to be everything I’d hope it would be, thanks to the perfectly cast crew at Deja Vu Martini Bar in Appleton last night.

We threw toast! We yelled! (I yelled just a beat or two behind, but I’m not sure anyone noticed). We threw confetti! We danced to the Time-Warp Again!

I’m sure I’ll be listening to that soundtrack in my head and, later, in my kitchen all weekend. The original movie cast — Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf — provided a compelling background to the live stage show. That tells you how talented the live performers were.

Nobody puts Tim Curry in a corner. But, these folks did.

There’s one more showing tonight at midnight. Or, celebrate the season by finding a showing in your area.

Let’s do the Time-Warp again!


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