What’s in a name?

My daughter would like her name back and I’ve been trying all summer to give it to her.

I chose it carefully in 1998 — Mary Margaret, after her two grandmothers, nicknamed Molly because her grandmothers happened to have two of the holiest names in the Bible and we wanted our daughter to have some fun.

We used that name six years ago when we launched this blog and it has traced her sweet path from junior high to college, and my slightly more bittersweet journey from full house to empty nest. She is the Molly B although, especially in the past year, I have been the more active blogger.

Her writing style, her interests, her causes and her goals have all naturally evolved. While she’s still an avid baker, she hasn’t made a potato cookie in a very long time. The 2017 version of Molly B is a poet, a sensitive wordsmith passionate about her beliefs.

And, as she has mentioned a few times this summer, she would like to reclaim her name.

I’d be happy to hand it over, but it’s not that easy.

I’m stuck and I need your help.

What should I call this little slice of life I’ve really grown to love? I want to keep blogging, but I need a new name.

Should I migrate the old blog or start fresh?

I’d be happy to muddle on as “and Me”, but at least one family member suggested that might be a little egotistical. (That particular piece of wisdom, coming from one of my former heirs, stung just a touch, but it turns out that domain is not available anyway.)

Other less insulting suggestions included:

  • Roots and Scoops
  • Apples and Origins
  • In the Middle of Our Street

My responses to two reasonable suggestions, LauraroundTown and LaurasLane earned me a pointed stare from Molly.

“I like them,” I said. “I just don’t think I want my name on the blog.”

Oh, right. I get it.

So, here we go. Onward with a fresh look (though I’m really hoping all of you genuinely lovely readers follow me to my next digital home).

Before I make the move, I’m asking for feedback from some of the wittiest people I know.

What should I call this thing?


7 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Laura, what’s wrong with the name on the sign you are standing next to? Stay Tuned to the new lives of empty nesters Laura and Vince.. It may not be flashy but it is the truth. I know I have been tuned in to your blog for quite some time.

  2. Life Through Laura’s Eyes
    Laura on Life
    From my eyes and ears to yours
    Life in Pictures by Laura
    Laura Does Appleton (Just kidding)
    I kind of like one of these best. Life with Laura in Pictures, Laura and Camera on Life
    I’m sure you’ll come up with something better but I had to put my 2 cents in. I sure enjoy the blogs.

  3. I am going to day Vince and me, cause it keeps the vibe and you two will have great adventures celebrating your awesome humans. Diwnvote because Vince is first, but u are responsible for that by having Molly first all those years ago 😉 #MyTwoCents

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