The boys are back in town

A rainbow stretched out over the Washington Inn in Cecil, Wisconsin Saturday night and, for us, the pot of gold at the end of it was the music we heard inside.

Our son Vinnie hosted a reunion of his college a cappella group, Fundamentally Sound, and, when they headed into Cecil for Double Bubble, they couldn’t help but sing a few tunes.

Luckily, we happened to be there too (#WeWereTippedOff) and we all enjoyed an Old Fashioned (see what I did there?) night of live music and friendship.

Music brought the group together and we had such fun following them through Vinnie’s three years as an active member, during which they finished second in the ICCA semi-finals. The University of Wisconsin group spent many hours perfecting their sound and choreographing their sets, until they became a disciplined and very successful performance group.

Through all that, they also bonded as brothers. They keep in touch, cheer each other on in their professional lives, and take advantage of every opportunity to get together. This weekend a baker’s dozen of them gathered at our cabin to reminisce and have fun. They came from all corners of the country — California, Mississippi, Washington D.C., Minnesota and, of course Madison.

Though some had to head back by Saturday afternoon, eight of the original group members sang for the Saturday night crowd at the Washington Inn.

We felt pretty lucky to hear them sing together again. The rainbow, the singing and all that laughter reminded me of this quote:

Wishing you a rainbow 
For sunlight after showers 
Miles and miles of Irish smiles 
For golden happy hours 
Shamrocks at your doorway 
For luck and laughter too, 
And a host of friends that never ends 
Each day your whole life through!

If you look closely, this is a double rainbow in Cecil, Wisconsin on Saturday night.

Fundamentally Sound were on the menu at the Washington Inn (along with some delicious food. I highly recommend).
It’s so heartwarming to see how much fun they have singing.
Tipped off to a possible performance, Grandma Peggy made the trip to Cecil to see her favorite a cappella group perform.
The group’s biggest fan is also its smallest, my niece (and Vinnie’s goddaughter, Erin).
We had a great time checking in with these guys.
And so did the Double Bubble regulars at the Washington Inn.


Here’s a taste of the joy:

Here’s another:

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