Sailing takes me away to where I’ve heard it could be

Christopher Cross could have scored our recent trip to Door County, where we escaped the hazards of Goat Fest by sailing off into the lovely, though a little choppy, Green Bay.

My last experience with sailing ended with the tip of our Sunflower getting stuck in the bottom of Long Lake 40 years ago, so I was a little leery when my mom suggestion we jump on a sailboat tour.

“Let’s just do it,” she said, as the wind whipped the trees outside the Carroll House Restaurant, where we were enjoying some nice fresh strawberry waffles.

“Yes, let’s,” I said, less enthusiastically, though I had spent a lovely sunset walking among the witty vessels in the Sister Bay Marina the night before.

Encroaching weather impeded our choices, and we landed on a six-person capacity speed sailboat. Captain Mark asked if I’d like to steer.

“Absolutely,” I said, because I thought he was kidding. I jumped up and posed behind the wheel.

“We’re going to head up along the coast and turn left at the peninsula.”

“Seriously?” I said, and I have to say my mom looked a little nervous too. “I’m steering?”

“Well, sure!” he said cheerfully.

I quickly gave up the helm, and settled back with my camera to enjoy our cruise. What a lovely way to see Door County!

We highly recommend Sail Door County, and, I have to say the Roofing of the Goats Parade looked pretty cool as well. Although, the “goat drop stickers”, which you could purchase, place and win prizes if a goat poops on your sticker, convinced us that, for us, sailing was definitely the better choice Saturday morning.

Before I knew I’d be sailing, I spent a sweet sunset in Sister Bay, taking pictures of the marina.
I got a kick out of the witty boat names.
Including, the Sea Deuce Ya II, which made me both chuckle and wonder what happened to Sea Deuce Ya I
“Hey!” he said. “Did you just take a picture of that boat?” “Why yes, I did,” I said. And, that’s how I met the witty owners of Sea Deuce Ya I and II.
I thought I was just in town to admire the boats, but my mom had other ideas.
Next thing I knew, I was at the helm.
We had a lovely tour.
And someone was a little more relaxed than I.
The water shimmered like diamonds.
And, by the time we docked, the goats had returned to Al Johnson’s roof.

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