Because it’s Appleton

I took my evening constitutional yesterday to enjoy the absolutely perfect weather and to ward off an encroaching salty snicker snack binge. Because it’s Appleton, I:

  • Chatted briefly with a man casting his fishing pole the length of City Park. “What are you catching?” I joked, as the only body of water in City Park is a sweet little fountain. “My son, I guess,” he laughed and I saw a young man on the other side of the park holding up the line. So curious.
  • Found a rainbow on the far side of said fountain, and snapped a shot of the Ring Dance sculpture children chasing it. So cool.
  • Stumbled quite literally into a spontaneous African Dance on the lawn at Lawrence University. I tapped my toe and watched a while, as the dancing crowd grew. I briefly considered joining in, but remembered our more than 30-year age gap and restrained myself. So tempting.
  • Appreciated some fine duct tape street art that celebrated the season. So innovative,
  • Stopped on multiple occasions to smell the lilacs, my favorite flower. So sweet.
  • Tripped on a tree root in Peabody Park and nearly fell flat on my face in front of a large group of frisbee players. (Let’s be honest, we’re all a little relieved at this point that I didn’t jump in with the African dancers earlier in my stroll, right?) So close.
  • Made friends with a couple of little doggie divas, who yipped a little and then struck a pose when I asked their owner if I could take a picture. So cute.
  • Caught up with a favorite friend when we bumped into each other on the street. So necessary.
  • Spotted a couple of lovebirds under a tree and, when they looked up, asked them if they would mind if I took their picture. They cheerfully agreed. So not as awkward as it sounds.

Appleton wears summer about as well as any town I know. I really enjoyed reacquainting myself with both on my random evening stroll.

It looked to me like the Ring Dance children were chasing a rainbow as I passed that water fountain last night.
That’s duct tape dressing up a plain brick wall. Look closely. I love the toucan.
There’s nothing like an evening stroll along a river to ward off the salty snicker snack cravings.
Ahhhh. You can smell these lilacs, can’t you?
Apparently, the Appleton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution donated a rock to the city in 1926. Nice.Who knew?
These cute little doggie divas made sure I shot their best side.
I told this young couple they looked like they were from another time, lit by the sun under that tree, and they let me take their picture.
I was so very tempted to jump into this lively African Dance. Having never participated in an African Dance before, though, I wisely restrained myself.

Here’s a little taste of what I stumbled into…

And then more people joined in. Still, I remained at a dignified, though wistful, distance…

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