The February blahs

Yesterday I deleted 11,152 promotional emails from my Gmail account.

That digital purge remains my lone accomplishment for 2017.

I’m in a hump day slump.

I have lost my cellphone (twice), my bearings (once), my temper (kind of), my luggage (wasn’t my fault), my favorite black dress (that was last summer and I’m still looking). I have lost sleep, time, patience and motivation.

But, I have not lost a single pound. Hey, it’s chilly outside and I like my popcorn.

I began the year all pumped up to train for an April 1st 10k. To date, though I have ambled out for a morning jog or two, I have not commenced a single training run. I have not even downloaded the 10K training plan I said I was going to start three weeks ago. If I don’t doing some serious running soon, I’m going to be an April Fool.

It’s February, man. Blah. Blah. Blah.

My grand plan to clean and organize closets now that my nest is empty?

I have not opened a single closet door. In fact, I consider the ability to close them somewhat noteworthy and I’d like to sit with that triumph for a bit.

I have not even sorted, much less selectively printed, my massive catalog of digital photos. I haven’t ordered a single print, nor have I purchased one album to display them.

I have not tidied up the basement storage bins. I have not even lifted a lid.

The gourmet meals I intended to cook? Still stuck in a bunch of unopened cookbooks.

The sweet new hairstyle I said I’d try? I have not been to a hair salon in more than three months.

Want to know how many care packages I’ve sent? Zero. Zip. Zilch. I doubt poor Molly even checks her school mailbox anymore.

So, today’s the day.

I’m making a list, and I’m going to start systematically picking things off. By the time I get to work today, I plan to have logged my first training run, baked up some care package goodies, prepped some food for a delicious dinner, tackled a closet or two, deleted the other 5,319 emails lurking under my social tab, and sorted photos through 2016.

Ahhh! It’s going to be such a productive day!


This is me last night. What?! It’s cold out there and who doesn’t love a good bowl of popcorn?






One thought on “The February blahs

  1. We have so much in common besides the passion for sports. I am addicted to white cheddar popcorn — supposedly better for one than the movie butter. I was also toying with cutting my hair. I had my passport photo taken today for a renewal and I looked like a basset hound. I hesitate doing something as it’s so easy to ponytail when all else fails. I have a 2 foot stack of papers from last year to sort and enter on Excel before our appointment with the account next Friday. Clean and organize closets? Surely you jest! That would mean pulling out the laundry cart which had turned into a catchall which includes Christmas cards for 2015! Yes, February is a terrible month since it’s so short and it’s already almost time to see up Bill Pay for March. 🙁 And now my time is spent chasing around a 7 week old puppy and tripped up when she tries to walk between my legs.

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