One bad Apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl

Shortly after making the monumental decision to switch from the safe, comfortable, admittedly dead, Dell Laptop that had been my constant companion for the past nine years to a spiffy new Apple Macbook Air, I considered hurling them both out the window.

Ill-equipped to referee stubborn electronics who flat out refused to speak to each other, I ignored them all for a while, and hung out exclusively with my phone. Things got awkward there too, though, and I picked up on some signals that the old girl might not be enjoying all that attention. She sent me not-so-subtle hints about storage capacity and data limits. I knew I had to back off a little.

I thought about drowning my sorrows at a Genius Bar, but the nearest Apple Store was 100 miles away. Eventually, I hit rock bottom, my descent marked by the increasingly blurry photos I listlessly posted right here in this blog.

I needed an ASL (Apple as Second Language) tutor. I needed a Genius. I needed a friend.

I called Catherine, who is all of that and more. Gently and without judgement, she showed me some tools to broker peace among fractured electronics. She coaxed Nikon images that had spent days sulking in the corner of a memory card, out into the light. Literally. Adobe Lightroom. It’s a game-changer.

She took me on a little laptop tour that made me feel a better about myself, my recent computer purchase, and the world we all live in.

Because, if a Nikon camera, an Apple laptop, a Samsung cellphone and a My Passport external hard drive can all get along in this old world, can’t we all?

Happy New Year and may 2017 bring peace and harmony to all of our electronics and our world.


I mean, that Apple logo is cute, but if it’s not talking to your camera or the external hard drives that stored EVERY PHOTO YOU”VE TAKEN IN THE PAST 10 YEARS, what’s the point?
Enter my friend Catherine, a walking Genius Bar. As is her habit, she left me feeling better about myself, my electronic family, and my world.
I had a little trouble getting these three to talk to each other. To quote Tevya, “But now, it’s all over, and we live in simple peace and harmony.” Happy New Year from Molly B and Me.





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