When the gales of November come tardy

The legend lives on from Oneida Street down

of the season they call dark and gloomy.

The wind, it is said, whips the hair round your head,

makes you hack with a cough deep and rheumy.

But, once a blue moon there’s a sweet afternoon

that feels sunny and warm like a party.

Then out come the shorts and the fun summer sports

When the gales of November come tardy.


You can’t stay inside when the summer sun bides

on a mid autumn day in Wisconsin

Lace the shoes up and jog, walk those super cute dogs

Light some charcoal, grill burgers well seasoned

Take the lap top outside and the bike for a ride

Tell you boss it’s a half-day, you’ve reasoned.

And later at night, stroll around by moonlight

Could it be the south wind you’re feelin’?


From your musty front hall, grab your clubs, make a call

tee it up on a green golf cathedral.

You know it’s no crime to swing 29 times

and lose most of your balls in the water.

The legend lives on from Oneida Street down

of that mid-autumn Midwestern party.

The forecast no doubt drew the people all out

When the gales of November came tardy.

This little cutie was out helping her parents do yard work. I love her squirrel dress.
I caught this talented young man killing time after school on a warm summer-like day by juggling.
Walking home from school without a jacket in sight.
“You can take my picture,” he said.”But I don’t know why you’d want to.” Beautiful day, adorable dogs, lovely man.
One of my neighbors leaves messages on his garden wall. Yesterday’s read, “Your life is a coin. You can spend it any way you wish but you can only spend it once.”
These kids paused to pose for me (I liked that they each had their own set of wheels — roller blades, scooter, bike, skates).
Then they got moving again. What a great day in the neighborhood!
It’s not often you see shorts and light jackets in front of Christmas garland in Wisconsin.
People more practical than I used the warm, sunny day to get their Christmas lights and garland placed.
I don’t remember another year when the city workers could hang the Christmas wreaths while wearing T-shirts.
I breakfasted al fresco with a couple of judges yesterday. I think it was my favorite November 17th ever.















2 thoughts on “When the gales of November come tardy

  1. Thank you, this made me smile!

    Christine Williams
    City of Appleton Alderman
    District 10

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