When Vince met Laura

Laura: We met in the basement of Johnston Hall. It was 1985.

Vince: The Bears went 15-1 that season and won the Super Bowl.

Laura: I remember that year so well. You took me to the Senior Ball and your fortune cookie read, “Look to your left for true love.” And I was standing on your left.

Vince: You took me to County Stadium on September 22 that year. The Packers lost to the Jets, 24-3. Al Del Greco kicked a 39-yard field goal, but the Packers offense stalled after the first quarter.

Laura: And you wanted to leave early.

Vince: The game was over by the end of the first quarter.

Laura: But you’ve got to have faith.

Vince: That was the year the Fridge scored against the Packers.

Laura: How many football game do you think we’ve gone to together?

Vince: Over a hundred.

Laura: How many Super Bowls have we been to together?

Vince: Three

Laura: How many Super Bowls have we been to that the Packers have won?

Vince: Two.

Laura: How many Super Bowls have we been to that the Bears have won?

Vince: None

Laura: We’ll be married 30 years in January.

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Vince met Laura more than 31 years ago and we’ve both watched a lot of football since then, including three Packer Super Bowls, but who’s counting?
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