Dear Pulse, thanks for the LOVE

We only had to stroll a couple of blocks to find the fun Wednesday night, because, this time, the cool street festival came to us.

Bazaar After Dark, Appleton’s first night market, brought a hip vibe and a whole lot of people to Wisconsin Avenue and we can’t thank the organizers, sponsors and participants enough.

The whole event began and ended with love. That’s not just sentiment, that’s street art. Bazaar After Dark, and in particular, artist Irineo Medina, gifted the neighborhood with a beautiful mural painted in real time throughout the festival.

Medina prepped the wall on Tuesday then worked through the night on Wednesday to complete the project. Meanwhile, all around him, swirled the quirky BAD-ness.

Fire throwers worked their magic just outside the meditation tent. A craft brew stand drew a long but swift moving line. Food trucks and restaurant stands offered a wide variety high-end street food including tailgate soup, pizza, german chocolate cheesecake, and hazelnut gelato. In the interest of thorough blogging, I tasted all four.

Re-purposed poles hung with gorgeous Edison light bulbs crisscrossed above, a life-sized checker board appeared below, and rustic tables decorated with flowered centerpieces offered seating and ambiance down the middle of the street. A sweet chalkboard asking people “What is your dream for Wisconsin Avenue?” anchored the east end. All of these came courtesy of Urban Evolutions, who instinctively make everything they touch infinitely cooler.

A Mile of Music inspired band stand on the west end hosted J-Council, GGOOLLDD, Lex Allen, Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae.

Best of all, among all the visitors to Wisconsin Avenue, mingled the delighted residents and permanent vendors.

“Isn’t this great?” asked a very busy Dawn Ebert,  co-owner of neighborhood stalwart Simple Simon Bakery.

“So great!” I said as I snapped her picture. I meant to take lots of really great pictures, but I kept running into people who were just as excited as I was by the event, and we lingered to chat.

Still, here are a few that hardly seem to capture the evening’s magic.

Thank you to Pulse and all of the festival sponsors. You lit up our neighborhood with joy.

Y’all come back now, ya here?

Street artist Irineo Medina began prep work on Tuesday, and painted through the night.
I loved popping back to check the progress of this mural. I also loved the love shadows dancing across what previously was a boring brick wall.
Such a festive night on the other Ave, the one in our neighborhood! I even spotted the St. Therese parish priest and deacon enjoying the scene.
The gelato from the Knotted Cone was delicious, even on a chilly night. I can personally recommend the hazelnut. Follow the Knotted Cone on Facebook to see where this delicious truck is headed next.
Human checkers, courtesy of Urban Evolutions, who make everything cool.
We could have watched the fire throwers all night, but there were bands, some of our favorites, to hear on the other end of the street.
The greatest part was the mingling of the Wisconsin Avenue regulars with our neighborhood guests. This is Dawn Ebert and her nieces in front on Simple Simon Bakery, a Wisconsin Avenue treasure for as long as I can remember.
My friends and I want to say Thank You to Pulse, the event sponsors and participants for bringing such joy to our neighborhood. Ya’ll come back now, ya here?
A sweet chalkboard wall, courtesy of Urban Evolutions, asked, “What is your dream for Wisconsin Avenue?”
The morning after, the streets were clear, the garbage cleaned up and there was nothing left but the memories and the love.

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