Whooping it up with the Cookie Lady as she turns 90!

Every day’s a party with our neighbor Connie, who routinely invites people to her living room for pizza and hot fudge sundaes. This week has been especially festive because yesterday she turned 90-years old.

So, we whooped it up with the Cookie Lady and, frankly, we had a hard time keeping pace. Connie celebrates her birthday the way she celebrates life — with her Catholic faith, her Irish wit and her Murphy sass. She enjoyed cake with family on Sunday, cupcakes with friends on Monday, and a bagpipe serenade with the whole neighborhood yesterday.

We got our turn with our neighborhood matriarch on Monday. We ate a little pizza, sipped a little wine, and basked in the energy of a woman who once threw open her front door and called out to the construction workers paving a new road in front of her house.

“Hang on a minute. I’ll lay down and you can roll that thing right over me. Throw some of those flowers in with me. We can save my family the burial expense.”

Then she invited the whole crew in for some cold pop and hot chicken wings.

Connie owes her excellent health to two hobbies she highly recommends, walking and knitting.

“I’ve never taken a pill in my life,” she said. “I knit. That’s the best medicine, really.”

To date, she has knitted 1,040 personalized Christmas stockings. Though she’s not sure about the modern baby names “they’re so hard to spell,” she doesn’t judge. She just keeps those knitting needles humming.

Periodically, someone will stop by Connie’s house and offer to buy her 32-year old car. It’s a sporty little thing, red and flashy.

“I tell them you can buy my car but you have to take me too,” she said. “They never do. I don’t know why. My engine’s still running pretty good.”

You want to grow old in our neighborhood because, apparently, you don’t grow old in our neighborhood. It’s like Neverland but a lot more fun. This is Connie on the eve of her 90th birthday. Ageless, am I right?
I mean, really! Left to right are 86-year old Janet, our elegant neighbor and friend, 90-year old Connie, and the youngster, my mom, whose age I will not mention but may have in past posts. Lovely ladies all.
Bunch of flirts, these two.
What can I say, I’m a fan.
Happy 90th birthday Connie. I thought the celebrations were winding down but then…
…The bagpiper arrived. Steven Walsh, who used to be Connie’s next-door neighbor, makes every occasion, especially St. Patrick’s Day and Connie’s birthday, a little more special.
They’ve known each other since he was born. What a sweetheart!
Photo bomb by our neighbor Steve!
This impromptu concert in honor of Connie’s big day was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes…

Lucky for you, I recorded it too. Enjoy a little “Danny Boy” by request from the birthday queen.

And, for a quick taste of Connie’s wit, here’s what she had to say about her very accomplished husband Richard, who passed away eight years ago.


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