Creativity takes courage

Creativity takes courage.

French painter Henri Matisse said it. So many of our young friends live it.

I thought about this quote as I watched Molly’s friend Jack perform his set of original songs during Mile of Music.

And each time I see my daughter Katherine and her comedy partner Leah perform their hilarious and witty sets as Pure & Weary.

And during every single play I’ve watched on the Appleton North stage.

I thought about it last weekend when we went to a showing at the Draw, a cool little chrysalis for talent between the locks in Appleton.

Molly’s friend Cole Lato hosted a showing of his original artwork and Vinnie and I tagged along with her to take a peek.

Cole, a recent Appleton North graduate, displayed a series of paintings that blew us away. We loved his use of vibrant colors and literary themes. Inspired by Picasso, Matisse and Zio Ziegler, Cole used bold strokes and intricate pattern work to create works of both beauty and depth.

“It’s one thing to make art. It’s another to be brave enough to put it out there,” Vinnie said.

I completely agreed.

I loved Cole’s “Brave New World” and “The Prayer”.

I thought “Evening Sky” looked elegant hanging on the white wall of the Draw.

But I liked it even better on my own.

Cole and three motivations.
This is Cole in front of his fabulous “Three Motivations”.
Angel of death
The Angel of Death
Brave New World
Brave New World
The death of Ivan ilyich
The Death of Ivan Ilyich
A black and white series displayed at The Draw
The Prayer
The Prayer
The shortness of life
The Shortness of Life
Vinnie took this artsy shot of Molly in between two of Cole’s pieces.
Night Sky
I loved Cole’s “Night Sky” when I saw it at the Draw.
Nght Sky
I liked it even better on my own kitchen wall.

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