Don’t trifle with this little chef

We had a tight schedule to keep and plenty to do when my niece Erin and I met up Monday to plan and cook a meal.

We ended up with so much wacking, pressing, chopping and seasoning that I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!

I only realized this ridiculous omission when we sat down to eat. My mom (Erin’s Grandma and one of MollyBandMe’s biggest supporters) said, “Wow. This looks delicious. This would make a really good blog.”
And then my sister (Erin’s Mom) said, “Oh Hey! This looks delicious. Let me take a picture.”
A picture! I looked over and saw my camera sitting all alone in a corner of the room, staring balefully at me with its slightly cracked, telephoto lens. I never forget to take pictures. The photos are half the fun of the blog!
So, we snapped a couple of quick cellphone pics and then toasted our, if-we-do-say-so-ourselves, delightful meal. For a rookie, Erin turned out to be a kitchen whiz. She scalded tomatoes, peeled and pressed garlic, chopped basil, oregano and thyme, and sautéed onions like a pint-sized Chopped champ.
In fact, the only mishap we had – a slight miscalculation of the immersion blender, “You made your walls look all rusted”—happened when I manned the appliance.
After dinner, we had a few finishing touches to put on our dessert – a strawberry trifle – so I took a couple of quick action shots of my little kitchen buddy just before we served.
J.R. Tolkien said, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
During our busy afternoon in the kitchen, Erin and I enjoyed all three…and it was.
Here's my merry cooking partner, just after I realized I forgot to take pictures of our busy afternoon.
Here’s my merry cooking partner, just after I realized I forgot to take pictures of our busy afternoon.
A quick pic of my dinner plate. We served a homemade summer tomato sauce over angel hair pasta and spinach. Erin nixed the wine in the sauce, so Grandma Peggy and I had some in a glass.
I got a little snap happy once I realized I hadn’t taken a single shot.
Fortunately, we had to finish dessert. This is Erin next to the cream she just whipped.
Here she is serving up our strawberry trifle with whipped cream.
Tasting the whipped cream, which is very important.
We served some generous portions.
IMG_1086 (1)
A table shot by my sister Jenny. It was a lovely meal.

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