Splendid Folks

I had bug spray in my hair when I met some splendid people this weekend, and they never said a word.

We lit a sweet campfire and heard coyotes sing as loudly as I’ve ever heard. Then dogs howled and the coyotes sang some more. We counted stars, toasted friendship and marshmallows, and Googled campfire songs.

We sang a little too.

We floated down a quiet river, dried off, and floated once again.

We watched the rain dance off the front porch of our cabin, held warm mugs of coffee (tea for me) and chatted easily.

The Askew family traveled all the way from North Dakota to our little cabin in the north woods, and we’re grateful that they did.

Their son Luke and our son Vinnie turned out to be gourmet marshmallow toasters and I meant it as I sat back on my comfy camping chair, put my feet up on the warm rocks near the fire’s edge and said, “I’d like S’more.”

Askew family
I met the Askew family in my swimming suit (which, let’s be honest, is just north of a wimple, so it was okay), with bug spray in my hair. They pretended not to notice. We’re proud to call them friends.
River pic
The Oconto River preened for our new friends.
Vince and his fish
While we waited for the Askews to arrive, Vince caught a fish. That’s my dad’s tackle box in the corner of the shot, so we were all, fisherman, proud wife, and, probably, tackle box owner, just thrilled. We run a catch and release program when actual fishermen are not with us, so Vince set that beautiful small mouth bass free a few moments after this picture. We sat on the edge of the dock and cheered as that poor fish took a deep breath, collected itself, and swam away.
River float
I’m not going to lie. I am a little concerned about how depressed my inner tube is in this shot (and why am I floating sideways?), but I think it absolutely captures the relaxed joy of the weekend.
This bunny posed for me, so I felt like I had to take the shot.
This beautiful baby stopped by to say, “Hi” as well.
There is nothing better than a summer campfire.
Viking fans Jeff and Luke
Kudos to these two Viking fans for helping us set up our Packer tent.
Steam off the river
On Sunday morning, after the rain, steam rose off the Oconto River. It was a beautiful weekend and we want s’more.
The group
We sang “500 miles’ around the campfire, but, really, more than 700 miles stretch between us. Still, I hope we can meet up again soon.


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