Rebuild: An idea worth noting

In honor of Memorial Day and in the hope that programs like this will allow us to celebrate the lives and achievements of more veterans, I am sharing my friend Rich’s idea.

I’m going to let him describe it in his own words..

My name is Rich Roehrick and I am a United States Marine Veteran. I am a Kinesiology undergrad from UW-Oshkosh  and exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. I started my idea of Rebuild because I could not sit and watch the national crisis of veteran suicide any longer.  I wanted to make a change. 
What is the problem? PTSD affects over 7.7 million Americans in a given year.  22 veterans commit suicide every day.
A veteran within the VA healthcare system tries to commit suicide about once every half-hour. 
Rebuild Community Health and Wellness is focused on adaptive and unique holistic wellness approaches to benefit veterans and the communities of our nation by offering group cognitive therapy, nutrition, and physical therapy, CHALLENGE PROGRAMS, personal training, WARRIORX Classes, Cycle, Yoga, and HIIT classes.  
Every service-connected veteran  (20%+ disabled) will receive a free membership to Rebuild Community Health and Wellness.  The wellness facility will be open to veterans along with the community to help the veterans assimilate to normal life. With your donation you will be a part of the original family of Rebuild. $22 will sponsor a veteran for one month. We’re looking to raise $300,000 for startup costs and the first year of operations. Every dollar will count. 
One life is one too many.  With your help we can and we will Rebuild our nation’s heroes one life at a time.  But it starts with action.

I’m going to include a link to Rich’s fundraiser, but you can also help by contacting Rich with any ideas you have to help kickoff this business.

To learn more, click here.

Boot camp
As the sweaty person hiding in the last row of this group of early morning boot campers, I can attest to Rich’s enthusiasm and skill. That is him front and center with the big grin and the striped shorts.





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