A perfect pepper pick six

We had the distinct pleasure of watching our nephew  Ben play football yesterday. The youngest member of the famous Green and Red Pepper Club, founded by Grandpa Vince and Grandma Mary Jane, eight-year old Ben does not suffer fools gladly.

An all-around athlete by day, and a card shark by night, Ben honors the rules of the games he plays, and expects others to follow suit.

On a sunny weekend in which we mourned and honored his beloved grandma, Ben played a soccer game on Saturday morning, had baseball practice Saturday afternoon and two flag football games on Sunday. In between all that activity, he hung politely with the grownups, attending long dinners and a three-hour visitation.

The earnestness with which Ben plays sports offered sweet relief from the solemnness of the day. He made a great catch as a wide receiver, and intercepted the ball twice as a savvy corner.

My favorite play, obviously, happened in the fourth quarter, with the Buccaneers trailing the Patriots by six.

Ben, anticipating the pass of a rattled quarterback, stepped in a grabbed an interception,  broke a tackle, cut left, and dove for the end zone.

Pick. Six.

Score one for the good guys.

Ben's football game 008
That’s Ben on the left, huddled up with the rest of the Buccaneer starting five. He’s only in second grade and it’s a first through third grade league, but Ben’s a head taller than most of his teammates.
Ben's football game 140
He has really good instincts for the ball.Here he is playing corner. Enjoy this next series of photos…
Ben's football game 141
Keying in on an under thrown pass…
Ben's football game 142
Ben's football game 143
Look at that determination. I mean, come on! He’s eight!

Ben's football game 144

Ben's football game 145
He’s tasting a TD
Ben's football game 147
Breaking away…
Ben's football game 149
I don’t know his teammate but he’s about to make a key block…
Ben's football game 150
Right here…

Ben's football game 151Ben's football game 152

Ben's football game 153
Cutting left with both flags still attached…
Ben's football game 154
A little fancy footwork and a quick glance at the camera…
Ben's football game 155
Ben's football game 179
Ben comes by his size and his football prowess honestly. This is his cousin Guy, starting left tackle for Racine St. Catherine’s, as a freshman.

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