The hills are alive

I had everything I needed for my trip to the sled hill yesterday — a fresh layer of snow, boots, mittens, and a variety of sleds.

I just needed some kids to race me down the hill.

So, I borrowed some from a friend of mine and we celebrated the first day of March in style.

It had been a while since I hauled a pair of squeaky voiced cherubs up a hill and whizzed back down with my arms in the air. Happily, sledding requires very little skill.

You just haul yourself to the top, and hurl yourself back down, leaning a bit to steer one way of the other. The mechanics haven’t changed since God first made snowy hills.

The equipment hasn’t changed much either. We used an old black toboggan, a blue saucer, and an orange plastic sled.

But, I’m telling you, there’s something about sledding that I’ll always love.

There’s the hard hike up the hill, where you slip a little with each step and risk skidding back down on your bum. Then, there’s the strategic positioning of bodies and limbs to minimize wind resistance and control snow spray, the scooching forward of the sled and the tactical decision to accept a push or go it alone.

Then, you fly and, for a few minutes, maybe you even catch a little air, always aiming for a faster run, and a farther slide.

Maybe, you look up a bit at the fresh, frozen sky when you land, catch your breath and pause a moment to revel in the thrill of another sweet ride.

Then, you roll over, hoist yourself up, and head back up the hill.

I hope I never let a winter pass without at least one trip to the sled hill and I thank my little companions for making yesterday’s so very enjoyable.

As for the rest of you, winter is waning. Get out there and go!

He’s only three but this little guy turned out to be an excellent sledder. Vince asked Mason what he wants to be when he grows up and, quite logically, Mason replied. “I want to be four.” 
Mason pushing Devon
Here he is giving his big brother Devon a push.
Savanna and Mason
And getting some help from his big sister Savanna on the long hike up the hill.
Come on! How much fun does this look?! (And how cute is this little peanut?)
Violet and Devon
Race you up the hill!

2 thoughts on “The hills are alive

  1. I was raised in New England. I remember coming in from the snow play and my mom stripping me down in the utility room — soaken mittens, hat, sock and underwear. She would toss them in the new *luxury purchase” stack dryer and then dress me in another set of clothes. The cycle lived on throughout the day!

    1. Your cycle is so much better than what we used to do. I remember pulling my jeans out of the drier, putting them on immediately, and jumping around because the rivets in the jeans were still burning hot. #MidwestProblems

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