On milestones and brothers who marry well

My sister in-law wears elegance like a hand-spun silk scarf that, casually tossed over her right shoulder, lands with perfect flair every single time.

You see it in her home which could, on an ordinary Monday, provide plenty of perfect photos for a House Beautiful spread.

On questions of style, we always Ask Robin.

“What should I wear that gala thing Saturday night?”

Ask Robin.

“Where should I hang this picture?”

Ask Robin.

“Shoes or boots?”

Ask Robin.

We’re as grateful for her style, as we are for her substance.  She and my brother are teaming up to raise four uncommonly beautiful children on sweet dreams, competitive drive and deep belly laughs.

A passionate volunteer, Robin recently spearheaded a fundraising campaign for “Shelter from the Storm,” to build a women and children’s shelter in her home town. A savvy businesswoman, she and her mother Ricki developed a company that sold knitting patterns. She also has worked with my brother Mike to build his corporation, which now includes three companies in 12 locations.

Perhaps due to the crazy pace of her daily schedule, Robin also works out hard. She invited me to her Body Pump class one Saturday morning. I selected my weights like a fool.

“Are you sure you want to start with those?” Robin asked politely.

“I think I’m good,” I shrugged.

One hour later, I painfully made my way out to my car. My hands shook as I lifted my car key and tried to insert it into the ignition.

Robin knocked on my car window.

“Thanks for coming down,” she said cheerfully, not a drop of sweat on her brow. “Great class, huh?”

“So great,” I said with the very last of my breath.

Today, as Robin celebrates a milestone birthday, we want to wish her the happiest of days and tell her how grateful we are that nearly 22 years ago, she said, “I do.”

Robin and Trenette
I think this picture, which I shot at a Packer tailgate earlier this year, captures Robin’s sense of fun.
William and Robin
More shenanigans with my sister in-law Robin and former Packer running back William Henderson.
Robin and mom
Robin and her mother in-law, Grandma Peggy, during a Thanksgiving tailgate this year.
Robin and the girls
I like this picture of Robin, Molly, and her cousins Rachel and Olivia, also taken at Thanksgiving this year.
kostelnik girls
But this is my favorite picture of Robin, on the beach with her daughters Olivia, Hannah and Rachel, at my sister Kathy’s wedding rehearsal. Such beauty, right?


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