Best stinkin’ party in town

We’re still sweating garlic from every pore, but that’s just a measure of how much we enjoyed celebrating Delray Beach’s quirkiest festival.

We kicked off our epicurean adventure with garlic ice cream, a rookie mistake that effectively ended my tour –not for want of trying, simply for lack of belly room.

Molly, Vince and my brother in-law Chip, however, bravely marched on through plates of Garlic Crab Boil, Garlic Roasted Pizza and Garlic Bruschetta. Meanwhile, I shot pictures of the glorious display.

We saw a cheerfully mature human garlic clove introduce himself to an equally clove-attired little sprout. We moseyed through cool booths including the mildly alarming Carnivorous Plant Stand (and subsequently spent the rest of our tour humming the Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack).

We talked Florida politics with perfectly pleasant grassroots campaigners from both sides of the aisle, while sipping a chocolate old-fashioned.

I felt sorry for my sister in-law Elaine, who managed to avoid eating any garlic at the festival, but couldn’t avoid the rest of us as we loaded up and headed home. I imagine she wanted to roll down her window and stick her head into the passing breeze, but she smiled bravely and joined in our garlicky conversation.

If you love garlic, add Delray Beach’s Garlic Festival to your list of things to do. If you don’t love garlic, pop in anyway. There’s plenty to enjoy at the Best Stink’ Party in Town.

Best stinkin volunteers
The Best Stinkin’ Party in Town is also a community fundraiser. Winner. Winner. Garlicky dinner.
Garlic Ice Cream
Well, you knew we had to try this…
Garlic Ice Cream before
It looked tasty enough, but…
Garlic Ice Cream after
There were actual cloves of garlic in that ice cream…
Random Garlic Cloves
There were garlic cloves everywhere. These two ran into each other by chance. So cute!
Party in Town
We strolled past a whole row of garlic delicacies.
It’s a clove-fueled event.
Chip and Garlic Brushetta
My brother in-law Chip and his yummy plate of garlic bruschetta.
Garlic Crab Boil
Molly spied this beautiful garlic crab boil
Mollys crab boil
And dug right in.
Garlic food prep
Garlic conch salad.
Garlic Conch Salad
I asked this nice woman if I could take a picture of her and her conch salad and she happily obliged.
Garlic crowd
A rooftop view of the festival before things really starting hopping.







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