Yinz ought to treat yourself to this Pittsburgh Polish deli

Thanks to a couple of type A travelers, a hungry millennial and a universal craving in our car for Colver cooking, we found ourselves at Pittsburgh’s No.1 Polish deli Sunday afternoon.

Ojej! We’re glad we did.

With four hours to spare before our plane back to Wisconsin took off, we had plenty of time to wander the aisles at S&D Deli, a feast for the tummy and the eye.

All manner of kielbasa, pierogie, golabki, and kolaczki greeted us. Cover your ears in heaven Baba, because the pancakes, both potato and apple, looked better than almost as good as yours.

We shared plates of Golabki (pork stuffed cabbage rolls), two kinds of pierogies (polish stuffed dumplings), Placki (the best potato pancakes we’ve ever tasted, aside from the equally delicious ones my grandma, God rest her powerful soul, prepared).

We all wanted to pack up some extra orders, stuff them in our suitcases and smuggle them back home but we wondered how well all that cabbage would travel.

Fortunately for us, for our fellow plane passengers and for you lucky readers, S & D Deli ships orders out every Monday.

You can check out their website for details.

I may have taken a photo or two.

If you happen to be anywhere near Pittsburgh’s strip district, which my horrified mom and aunt hilariously first took to be something much bawdier than it turned out to be, treat yourself to the charming S & D Deli.

Yinz’ll like what you see.

The Polish cheese selection impressed all of us travelers from the Dairy State.
We politely passed on the Polish Sausage, but only out of respect for our fellow plane passengers.
The Golubki and pierogies were incredibly rich and flavorful.
Lunch served here.
We beat the crowd, which was fortunate, because we only had four hours to make it to the airport, which was 15 minutes away. Whew!
A charming place that serves delicious food and absolutely anything else Polish you can think of.
Check out this cooler full of homemade pickles, sauerkraut and herring.
Oh man, those pancakes were good!
I mean, really!
A patron caught me taking pictures in the bathroom, but I really liked this mirror. It says “See something you like?” Maybe we all should have that engraved on our mirrors. Anyway, we did see many things we liked at this deli and, as soon as we work off our first trip, we plan to order more food.

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