Girls rock

Embedded in the rocking bass, threaded through the punk black clothes, blasts a message so inspiring I had to grin as I watched Eminence perform  Friday afternoon– girls rock.

They rock with confidence and passion. They rock with joy. They rock with talent and the exact right kind of disregard. They rock the stage and, this year, they’re rocking the summer.

Eminence, the aptly named award-winning teen rock band, just wrapped up an incredible week that saw them hit the stage at Summerfest twice.

An historic win at Launchpad Wisconsin catapulted the group into the kind of celebrity that has them signing autographs, selling merch, and enjoying an exhaustive performance schedule.

In one five-day period, they played the Johnson Controls Stage at Summerfest, where they met their favorite band, Halestorm, opened for Boogie and the Yo-Yos at the Appleton Fireworks, played the Rockerchix stage Fire Over the Fox, and headed back down to Summerfest for a concert on the BMO Harris stage.

On August 6 they’ll play at the Les Paul 100th Celebration in Waukesha.

Band members include our friend Colleen Cline on lead vocals, Kenzie Dupey on guitar, Molly Marie on guitar, Alex Stricker on bass guitar and Caitlin Sweeney on drums.

The Eminence Summer continues, giving you plenty of opportunities to see this band play with their infectious joy.

When you go, take a moment to scan the crowd. Watch the little girls nod their heads, clap along and know.

Girls rock.

Eminence little girls
See those two little girls watching Eminence perform at Memorial Park? They’re thinking, “Girls rock!”
Eminence Rocking out
And they do. Just ask this group, the first all-girl rock band to win Launchpad.
Eminence Colleen
Our friend Colleen lends her rich voice and extremely energetic stage presence to the group.
Eminence hair flip
You’ll be impressed by their passion and their poise. They’re also really good musicians.
Eminence Rocks
If you don’t believe me, ask their growing fan base. Eminence Rocks!
Eminence trio
Check out their YouTube Channel, and then go see them for yourself!

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