Well, hello there May!

Well, hello there May! You snuck in on a carpet of finally green grass and, with apple blossom breath, whispered, “I’M HERE!”

We blinked in a Wizard of Oz way and there you stood in all your Technicolor glory — yellow daffodils, purple violets, white and pink magnolias.

You’re punctual and, after all these years, we should expect you. But April looms long and gray; her temperamental weather exhausts us and we lose a little faith that you’ll arrive.

By contrast, you’re an optimistic month — full of green shoots and graduations — and we like that. Your arrival marks the end of fickle fashion season and we can confidently put away the sweaters and down jackets, and dig out the flip flops and cotton shorts.

We’re extra lucky here, our neighbor Diane celebrates your big day the old fashioned way, by hanging baskets full of flowers and goodies from our door knobs and then sneaking away.

It’s your day, May, and tonight we’re going to sit on our comfortable old porch furniture, greet babies and dogs as they walk past, and toast you.


Bee on the flower Bird in the tree Bluebonnets Canoes Daffodils Duke Fishing Leaf More daffodils picnic picnic table and a white buds

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