We spent a day in Nashville yesterday and enjoyed every foot stomping, magnolia blossom floating, pancake eating, Opry touring moment.

Though we’d driven past Nashville plenty of times on family road trips to coastal spring breaks, we’d never stopped. I was anxious to pop in and set a spell in the city first glorified, for me, by Kris Kristofferson in “To Beat the Devil.”

His Nashville seemed like a gritty playground for dreamers.

The Nashville we found, courtesy of my personal, digital tour guide and friend, Debbie, was a city of lovely contrasts — sleek and slow, modern metal and vintage brick, happy tourist and driven musician, country and the blues.

We hit the Pancake Pantry, Grand Ole Opry, Riverfront Park,  Wild Horse Saloon, and Broadway, heard live music, learned a little line dancing, ate fluffy pancakes and tangy barbecue, and generally exhausted ourselves.

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Pancake Pantry
We stood in line for pancakes at the famous Pancake Pantry…
Molly in line
…I amused myself while we waited by taking selfies in the reflection of Molly’s sunglasses.
Apricot lemon pancakes
It was worth the wait. Take a gander at these apricot lemon beauties. Delicious!
Opryland wrong way
Fortunately, we carbo loaded for our Grand Ole Opry tour because we got lost. Just after I sent these two up those stairs all Rocky-like, I realized we were supposed to have gone in the other direction.
Grand old opry guitar pic
Eventually, though, we made it.
Grand ole opry checkers
Molly and Vince found a checker board outside the theatre…
Grand ole opry checkers 2
…and played an intense game…
Grand ole opry checkers 3
I waited patiently…
Vince and Molly Grand ole opry
I’m not saying who won, but we all parted friends.
Riverfront unicycle
This elderly man on a unicycle gave me a wave at Riverfront Park.
Little boy and his ice cream cone
and we all got a big kick out of this little boy eating an ice cream cone bigger than his head…
And Oh! those magnolia blossoms!
And Oh! those magnolia blossoms!
line dancing
Molly and I line danced at the Wild Horse Saloon.
line dancing 2
It was a good way to work off our barbecue.
We love Nashville. There is live music everywhere!
We love Nashville. There is live music everywhere!

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