A pitch perfect freeze frame of the ICCAs

I wasn’t going to write about our spontaneous trip to the Midwest Semi-Final round of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella last week.

(Mostly because I’ve written about Fundamentally Sound so many times I’m worried I made the awkward transition from proud mom to crazy stalker fan that has to sneak past security to see her boys perform.)

Then I saw the pictures I took and they cracked me up.

Here then, without further ado, is a series of before and after shots of our six-hour visit to University City, Missouri, a charming place we highly recommend.

University City before
Here’s a before shot of the group. Note the downcast expressions of the boys in the tan suspenders. They did not feel their performance lived up to their expectations.
University City vinnie is shocked
Here’s an after shot of the announcement that they had placed second in the competition, opening up a wild card possibility for the national competition. Note Vinnie’s expression in the far right of the photo.
University City before pic
University City glee 2
University City glee
University City before dinner pic
In the spirit of before and after, I thought I should include a before shot of the dinner we ate at the Salt ‘n’ Smoke on Delmar Boulevard just before the show.
University City after dinner pic
Here’s an after picture. I highly recommend a swing through this charming town.
University City first runner ups
Congratulations to my favorite a cappella group, Fundamentally Sound. If they lift the restraining order against me, I hope to see them at the ICCA Finals in New York later this spring.

Here’s their semi-final set.


And here, in honor of March Madness, is the dance-off sketch they did with Frank Kaminsky.

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  1. From one “proud mom” who is also on the verge of “crazy stalker fan that has to sneak past security to see her boys perform” to another, thank you for posting this. Life – and the wonderful moments it allows us to experience – is too short not to share these kinds of stories. 🙂

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