Greetings from the Last Frontier (A guest post by Ryan)

Editor’s Note: An old school adventurer, our nephew/cousin Ryan has traveled the world. These days, he’s living in Kenai, Alaska, where he teaches high school Spanish and coaches football. He has gracefully agreed to guest blog and here is today’s entry:

What an honor it was to be asked by my beloved Aunt Laura to share in the Molly B and Me blog from the last frontier.  Over the years, my family has been an outstanding network of support in my life and when I accepted a teaching job in Kenai, Alaska last Easter it wasn’t without many conversations and advice from my Biskupic and Moss families.   Before going more into my life story here is how I am surviving my first winter in Alaska:

Winter this year for me began on my first full day of Christmas vacation in Miami at a Dolphin/Viking NFL game with my Aunt Elaine (who is amazing).  Winter in Alaska began much earlier than the official December 21st date, however, as the fireweed flowers began to die off in early September and frost came along with a few weeks of beautiful fall colors.  Rain was next in the Kenai Peninsula, then it was fair, according to locals, for the snow.

But, aside from a few inches here and there, the snow never came.  One large storm hit the week after Thanksgiving but we never got much of the white stuff.  The days did get shorter though.  This was new to me.  Being from Oregon and having lived in Nevada, the short days were something I was used to, but I wasn’t used to losing five minutes of daylight each night and having the shortest days have 18 hours of darkness.

It’s all relative, on the cold days here – 10 below – I look at Fairbanks’ weather and they’re at 40 below.  So it’s downright balmy where I am at.  Plus it’s been warmer this week here than in Wisconsin.  And Oregon was colder during Christmas than where I live in Alaska.

I encourage all to experience Alaska at some point, during any of the five seasons: fall, winter, breakup, spring, or summer.

Until next time from the last frontier, …

Biskupic Family Reunion 2013 109
Here’s the author, in the tie, and his cousin Guy at the family reunion last year.
Ryan's Cabin
Ryan lives in this cool cabin, and drives this sharp red truck.
The neighbors
Meet his neighbors.
Nancy's Parking
He included this shot in honor of his Aunt Nancy.
kenai river Cook inlet
Here a shot of the Kenai River at the Cook Inlet.
Fishin - 2
An avid fisherman, Ryan gets plenty of casting chances in his new home town.
He gets plenty of chances to hike too


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