A recipe for Molly B (A guest post by Katherine)

Take two long legs, soft brown hair and freckles across a nose
A constant smile, a patient ear and beautifully painted toes

Mix a cup of kindness, a pure heart with a love for classic books
A gift for writing, a flair for fashion, even while she cooks

Patterned sturdy aprons, sarcastic thoughtful wit
1920s parties, a pasta making kit

Have patience while she argues with a stubborn dash delight
Then concede your view with grace because this girl is always right

Watch her as she grows too fast and talks of who she’ll be
A poet? Scholar? Mother? You can only wait and see

Caring, braiding friend, storyteller of truth
Sweet, inspiring woman peeking through her youth

Sandwiched between brothers, a moment ago it seems
Sixteen years a wish still granted, the sister of your dreams

Molly has enjoyed the cheerful support of her three siblings since the day she was born. This is her sister Katherine.
Katherine, who had two brothers before Molly was born, wished very hard for a baby sister. Here she is with Molly. (Ignore the date on the photo. Someone set her new camera wrong. Molly was born in 1998)
Katherine dressing Molly up as Audrey Hepburn
Katherine treated Molly like her own live American Girl doll. Here Molly is as Audrey Hepburn.
Katherine and Molly pre-homecoming
Though she lives in Chicago, Katherine comes home when she can to help Molly get ready for big dances.

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