Have faith in the Lamb, Spring will be baa baa back

We found a precious sign of spring yesterday, in a shed corner warmed by thick wool, clean straw and hope.

Two baby lambs, twins born on St. Paddy’s day, brought a little luck and a lot of love into herd of sheep that will double in size, from 15 to 30, before summer. The lambs currently live with their mother and three pregnant aunts in a cool sheep hotel fashioned with plywood and a repurposed ping-pong table. The ladies enjoy a heat lamp, fresh bedding and room service.

Meanwhile, outside their Shangri-La, the rest of the herd circles protectively, eyeing strangers and snubbing goofy, camera-toting visitors.

The sheep live with ducks, chickens, roosters, and peacocks on a free range farm just outside Appleton. Yesterday, in the midst of a country road driving lesson, Molly and I popped in for a visit.

We drove home between big mounds of dirty snow. Our 900th winter storm system of the season will be sweeping through today. Our winter boots are worn out and our coats could use a break.

But yesterday Molly and I each got to hold a sweet newborn lamb and we believe, despite current meteorological evidence to the contrary, that spring will be baa baa back.

This little lamb restored our faith in spring.
This little lamb restored our faith in spring.
Little Lamb 197
How beautiful is this sweet family?
Little Lamb 199
I also was quite taken with this dignified rastafarian sheep with the cool dreads. Her name is Scottie because she is a mix of Scottish Blackface and a Corriedale. She’s also pregnant and due any day.
Little Lamb 195
Another of the pregnant aunties, Corrianne is also a Corriedale mixed breed.
Little Lamb 209
Meanwhile, outside the Sheep Shangri-La, stood Danny, father of the twins and a proud Jacobs Sheep, as noted by his curly horns.
Little Lamb 219
I tried to become one with the herd and lived amongst them for a full seven minutes. They didn’t take to me and my camera, though, and the closest I came to a full face shot of those awesome Jacobs Sheep was this baleful gaze. Look closely, he’s glaring at me. Disdain from a sheep, nice!
Little Lamb 222
We saw a second sign of spring up in the rafters  of the aviary shed where this beautiful peacock proudly displayed his recently regrown plumage. Peacocks molt seasonally, so these beautiful feathers herald spring.
Molly and girl lamb
These gangly little lambs stole our hearts.

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