Don’t hate me because it’s beautiful

The air crackled with irritability this week as the icy claw of winter continued to clench its bony hand around Wisconsin.

We celebrated the end of the meteorlogical winter with record-setting cold; the -24 degree air temperature on Monday marked our 51st day of below zero weather.

Bloated snow mounds higher than my poor little car loom obnoxiously along the streets, obstructing views and ignoring increasingly desperate attempts to make them leave.

Ice patches lie in wait like diabolical banana peels ready to launch intrepid joggers, grocery getters and dog walkers into the unforgiving air.

The teeth-rattling scrape of the snow plow marks the predawn hours and heralds the delivery of another daily deposit at the base of weary driveways.

My wind-flushed cheeks tingle with the omnipresent hint of frostbite, my eyes water in the bitter wind and I can’t feel the tips of my fingers.

Still, I look around and think, “How pretty!”

We’re caught in a polar vortex that has made our world infinitely more challenging and honestly more beautiful.

Somewhere under all that glittering snow and ice, fresh green grass and bright yellow daffodils are gearing up.

Until then, though, I’m going to bundle up and enjoy the view.

I appreciate the stark loneliness of this bench.
I appreciate the stark loneliness of this bench.
Optimistic Molly
I thought Molly’s cheerful red jacket looked nice against all the winter white. We also thought these poor Dallas Anderson sculpture children looked like they were freezing.
Optimistic bike route
An optimistic road sign.
Optimistic cherries
You have to admire these little crab apples, which have been clinging to life for months.
Optimistic flag
I thought the flag offered a nice splash of color and hope.
Optimistic path
I liked the path to the American flag.
Optimistic wine tree
Molly disapproves of this tree we discovered on our walk, but I think this is kind of clever, the best kind of winter wining, right? Again, I liked the color against all that white.
Optimistic swing
It’s really very beautiful out there if you can unstick your frozen eye lids and take a gander.
Sometimes, your view on an endless winter is all a matter of perspective.
Sometimes, your view on an endless winter is all a matter of perspective.
Optimistic statue
I love the way this poor statue is serenely turning her face into the setting sun (though I did fight the urge to throw a blanket on her shoulders!)
Optimistic sunset
I’m a sucker for a good sunset over the water.

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