Seven tips that prove it’s not too late to love Valentine’s Day

Nearly half a century into this old world and I’m still all in when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

A holiday that celebrates chocolate and love? Yes, please. Every time.

But, I recognize that a certain percentage of people honestly dread this day, worried about empty vases, lonely evenings and half-hearted gestures of commercially hyped romance.

Well, in case you didn’t jump out of bed early this morning eager to start spreading the Cupid joy, we’re offering you seven ways to prove it’s not too late to love Valentine’s Day.

1) Eat Chocolate, naturally. You can find healthy reasons to nosh on chocolate any day of the year. But a specific chocolate holiday? That only happens on February 14th…and October 31st…and Easter Sunday…Still, Valentine’s Day chocolate is mandatory so peel back that Dove heart foil, pop a sweet, dark morsel in your mouth and smile.

2) Watch Chocolat.  We’ll watch anything in which Dame Judi Dench appears, but this movie is one of our favorites. A never-more-handsome Johnny Depp, a beautiful Juliette Binoche and lots and lots of mouth-watering chocolate make this movie mandatory Valentine’s Day entertainment. Watch it and try not to crave chocolate…and love.

3) Make Valentines. Sit across the kitchen table from a kindergartener as he sorts through his cardboard Spiderman Valentine’s Day cards, hoping to find the perfect message for his pretty little friend, one that solves the age-old paradox “I want her to know I like her, but I don’t want her to think I LIKE her”, and try to maintain your cynicism about this holiday. Children’s goofy Valentine’s Day cards are the best.

4) Celebrate the end of Cheesy Jewelry Commercial Season. February 14th marks the official last day of engagement ring season. Can we get a woo hoo? After four straight months of smarmy pressure to buy expensive jewelry, it’s safe to tune back in to your favorite radio station. Yay.

5) Spread the Love. You’re looking ahead to a whole day of relaxed use of the L word. Say it. Own it. Live it. You don’t need a significant other. You just need an other. Tell someone you love them today and you’ll feel the Valentine joy.

6) Celebrate Cupid. I happen to love that fat little cherub and I hope he shoots an arrow through all four of my children’s heart some day. I want to be a grandma. Meanwhile, though, I’m happy to cheer on successful match-making all around. Don’t hate the lovers. You’ll be them too.

7) Relax. Let Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving be the stressful holidays. Valentine’s Day is just for fun…and for chocolate..Did we mention that?

I developed the following series of pictures with growing enthusiasm as I drove around Appleton, Wisconsin on an extraordinarily busy pre-Valentine’s Day Thursday. I left snow hearts all over Appleton. I absolutely concur with one of Valentine’s Day’s grand maestros, Paul McCartney. “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Enjoy these snow hearts, a commercial free, calorie free, cost-free way to say Happy Valentine’s Day from Molly B and Me.

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9 thoughts on “Seven tips that prove it’s not too late to love Valentine’s Day

  1. You will probably hate me for saying this, but I would love to have some snow to make a snow heart with! We think there is a dome around Nashville keeping all the snow out. It has literally snowed to the north, east, west, and south of us this year. I just want one pretty snow!

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