A Totally 80s Weekend

Every Saturday morning my husband Vince cranked up the radio and yelled with genuine delight to his four sleeping children, “It’s a totally 80s weekend!” And they, one by obedient one, stumbled out of the messy bedrooms as Wham! Bon Jovi or Tears for Fears blasted through the house.

One day, in an effort to buy a little more weekend shuteye, our oldest son Charlie took his father aside and said patiently, “Dad, every weekend is a totally 80s weekend if you find the right radio station.”

For Vince and I, though, 80s music scored the decade that changed our lives. We graduated high school and college, married and had our first two children during that time. Of course we’re fond of the music through which we traced all of that.

This past weekend we enjoyed a totally 80s weekend with a group of Marquette University friends who share our affection for the decade that brought us torn sweatshirts, Miami Vice and Ferris Bueller.

We spent a little time reminiscing around the campfire, and we made some new memories as well.

But that’s the beauty of a totally 80s weekend; the music is, like, totally relevant 30 years later.

Celebrate good times, come on!

Another Day in Paradise
Another Day in Paradise
Heaven is a place on earth
Heaven is a Place on Earth
Karma Chameleon
Karma Chameleon (actually it’s a frog, but whose counting?)
Let's hear it for the boy
Let’s hear it for the boy
Men at Work
Men at Work
Put me in coach
Put Me in Coach
she's got bette davis eyes
She’s got Bette Davis eyes
Sweet Child o mine
Sweet Child O Mine (She’s not mine, but she is super sweet)
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Sweet Dreams are Made of This
take me to the river
Take Me to the River
Take on me
Take on me
That's What Friends Are For
That’s what friends are for (Poor Joe is missing from this picture because he stayed back to nurse barbecued ribs so delicious they deserve their own post. See Friday’s)
The River
The River
True Colors
True Colors
You Keep Me Hangin' On
You Keep Me Hangin’ On

5 thoughts on “A Totally 80s Weekend

  1. I believe the 80’s have the best music the earth ever heard. The sound of the 80’s would forever rule the world! I agree, the music is totally relevant today.

  2. I loved the 80’s!! Movies, music, art…everything about that time period.

    I still want my Mtv!!! Minus the unrealistic reality shows…

    I don’t know where this took place, but it’s beautiful!!

  3. I don’t know who the “Girl with Bette Davies eyes” is, but she is mighty pretty!!!!!

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