You are the Bread to my Buttah (A post by Molly)

Butter has always been a staple in kitchens. It’s been the trademark of many famous chefs over the years, from Julia Child to Paula Dean. Whether it’s buttah or beurre, people seem to be crazy for butter. Recently I decided find out what makes butter such a ubiquitous part of cuisine. It’s all quite simple really. A little cream in the blender, separate the butter and milk, rinse and add a little salt, voila.

Of course what’s butter without bread? As Julia Child once said “You are the butter to my bread, the breath to my life.” I felt my first endeavor into the world of home-made butter deserved at least two different kinds of bread. Chocolate almond cherry bread to satisfy a sweet tooth, and parmesan garlic bread to pair with dinner. I don’t recommend cooking them at the same time, the garlic smell over powers the delicious cherry-cocoa smell. For optimum tasty smell, I suggest making them separately.

What would cookies and cakes, in stuffings and soups, delicacies such as risotto, and simplicities like frosting be without butter? I think Julia Child was right, butter and bread are like breath and life. They should always go together.


½ cup Cream

¼ cup Cold water

Salt (optional)

1.      In a blender or food processor blend cream until butter and milk separate, about ten minutes.

2.      Pour out all the milk, use a spoon to press out the last bits of milk from the butter.

3.      Rinse milk out with very cold water, be sure to press out all the water with a spoon.

4.      Mix in salt to taste here, if you want it.

Chocolate Cherry Bread

1 cup warm water

1/3 cup honey

1 pkg. Active dry yeast

3 cups flour

1 tbs. olive oil

¼ cup chopped almonds

¼ cup frozen cherries (thawed)

¼ cup cocoa powder

3 tbs. honey

1.      Dissolve first amount of honey into the water, and yeast. Stir until foamy

2.      In a large mixing bowl mix flour into the yeast mixture one cup at a time

3.      Rub olive oil into your hands and knead dough for several minutes

4.      Spread dough out flat on a cutting board. Sprinkle almonds, cherries and cocoa evenly. Drizzle second measurement of honey.

5.      Roll up dough, pressing the ends and seam together so they don’t separate

6.      Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes, or until the bread is golden

Parmesan Garlic

1 cup warm water

1 pkg. active dry yeast

1 tbs. sugar

4 cups flour

3 tbs. olive oil

1 large clove garlic (minced)

¼ cup Parmesan cheese

1.      Dissolve sugar into water and add yeast. Stir until foamy.

2.      In a mixing bowl, combine yeast mixture and flour one cup at a time.

3.      Rub 1 tbs. of olive oil into your hands. Knead dough for several minutes.

4.      Spread dough out on a cutting board. Brush with olive oil. Spread garlic out evenly, sprinkle parmesan even.

5.      Roll up dough, making sure the seam and ends are pressed together.

6. Bake at 375 for 20-25 min. or until golden brown.

Chocolate Cherry Almond
Chocolate Cherry Almond, Oh my!
Garlic Bread just waiting to be buttered... and baked
Garlic Bread just waiting to be buttered… and baked
A bread just bursting at the seams
A bread just bursting at the seams
"If you're afraid of butter, use cream." Julia Child
“If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” Julia Child

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