Real Men Sing, it’s a Fundamentally Sound truth

Real men sing.

We’ve known this since the Appleton Boychoir taught our very young boys to stand up straight, harmonize, knot a tie properly, and conduct themselves with dignity, both on and off the stage.

Raised in the shadow of Lawrence University’s renowned music conservatory, nurtured by a sweet, talented elementary school music teacher and encouraged by a series of gifted high school choir teachers, our boys and their friends learned choral music as easily as they learned to hike a football.

And we, their lucky fans, moved happily between stadiums and auditoriums woo hooing for the muddy athletes and the scrubbed up singers with equal enthusiasm.

I love beautiful music of any kind, but there is something extra sweet about watching grade school boys who spent their recess battling fiercely in games of lightning or 500, taking their places on risers, nervously tugging at too-big ties, turning earnest faces to their teacher and singing.

This weekend, Molly and I joined my sister Kathy at a Fundamentally Sound Concert in Madison. Founded in 2005, Fundamentally Sound is an all male collegiate a cappella group.

We weren’t sure what to expect as we dodged a sprinting grandma to secure our seats at the sold out show. But we settled in civilly and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Fundamentally Sounds performs the kind of clever mashups you’d expect from a talented a cappella group. The gift of this particular group lies in the pure joy they convey with every song.

How wonderful to know that, taught properly and encouraged consistently, real boys sing and their music can last a lifetime.

Here’s a link to a Fundamentally Sound song, performed at this weekend’s concert.

Here’s Vinnie as a 12-year old boy choir member…
…and here he is with his aunt and sister as a member of Fundamentally Sound.
Apparently, Kathy and Molly did not approve of something I said. We bonded over the music, though, and we all became Fan-damentals…(which may be the reference I made that inspired these looks. But if Justin can have his Beliebers, then I say Fundamentally Sound can have their Fan-damentals). Join me?
For several years our sons enjoyed the gifted direction of Craig Aamot, choir teacher and quarterback coach. Real men sing.
Our oldest son Charlie played football for one of the few college teams in the country that sings its own fight song. Um-Yah-Yah! Real men sing.
At its peak, this all-male high school choir boasted more than 100 members. Real men sing.

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  1. I do love boys’ choirs and men’s choirs…and mixed choirs and women’s and girls’…vox humana! Thanks for the music.

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