She had cat class and she had cat style

As house guests go, we take all comers. We’ve hosted students from Japan to the Czech Republic, college roommates and cousins, athletes and authors, former roommates and friends. We’ve rat sitted, fish tended and dog walked.

This past weekend we had an unexpected visitor who will rank forever as one of our favorites.

Wus, the ironically named kitty, wandered into our backyard one sunny afternoon and, apparently, liked what she saw. Having spotted Molly sitting in our family room, the kitty began preening, certain that a cat with her exceptional qualities would be invited to stay.

Molly introduced us when I came home from work and, I must say, that cat had me at meow.

Bright, social and well-groomed, Wus followed us everywhere.

Sadly for poor Wus, Molly’s brother Vinnie another bright, social and well-groomed character, already lives with us and he is severely allergic to cats.

Eyeing the playful kitten, Molly considered other options for housing her brother.

Briefly and shamefully, I helped her plan.

Fortunately for both Vinnie and Wus, this story has a happy ending.

An initial door-to-door search yielded no hits, nor did an on-line campaign. But, through a series of crazy coincidences, we eventually discovered that our stray cat’s owner lived just five blocks away and was, in fact, our friend, Eileen, a responsible owner of four cats, three of whom were seriously missing their pal. Wus, spayed and healthy, simply slipped her collar, snuck out a briefly opened door and ventured a little further than she should.

We enjoyed our little visitor and are thrilled she has a happy home.

Thankfully, so does Vinnie.

Here is one playful door step sitter waiting to be invited into the house.
Here’s another playful door step sitter. We could only keep one.
Reunited and it feels so good. Just want to stress that this is a responsible cat owner whose kitty snuck out a briefly opened door.
We loved our visit with this beautiful cat and are grateful she has a happy home. The end.

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