Trish the Dish and the Bullet Dodgers Club

My friend Trish recently joined me in the Bullet Dodgers Club, a lucky group of carpe diem revelers.

Sunsets last just a little longer in the Bullet Dodgers Club and chocolate tastes a bit richer. We’re a little slower to anger and more inclined to celebrate.

Benign is our secret code.

The journey from biopsy to benign can be frightening, but life’s a whole lot sweeter on the other end.

In a perfect world, we could donate all the extra energy we’d stored in anticipation of a battle to those still left to fight. Instead we offer prayers and homemade goodies, earnest encouragement and tender hearts.

My friend Trish and I met our freshman year in college, roomed together thereafter and married one week apart just over 25 years ago. Earlier this year we celebrated our joint silver anniversaries with a trip to Florida where we watched the moon rise over the water every single night.

For a long time we lived just two blocks from each other. Each of our four children is the other’s great friend.

We are both runners and have teamed up with friends to complete a marathon. We are Packer fans and music lovers. We love a good book, a long walk, a beautiful sunset and our husbands.

We enjoy our friends and look forward to the time we get to spend with them (though Tricia generally plans the outings).

We’re grateful.

I may make T-shirts for the Bullet Dodgers Club, whose motto might be one I saw this week on a Facebook friend’s wall, originally written by Sir Francis Bacon.

“Do what you want to do now. You’re not living in eternity. There’s only this moment, sparkling like a star in your hand, and melting like a snowflake.”

We know a lot about melting snowflakes here in Wisconsin, and we know about sparkling stars as well.

These days Trish and I, together with all of our lucky club member, take a little extra time to enjoy them.

We met the first day of college and have been friends ever since. This is us a few days before our graduation from Marquette University in 1986.
Trish and I in the back row center of all our housemates. We thought our college house was a palace (and so did the mice, pigeons and rabbits who wandered in.)
Our “Toes in the Water” trip with the ladies to South Carolina.
Sometimes, we’re pirates.
Here we are with our husbands on our anniversary trip this January.

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