A perfect summer day

Sometimes, ahead of a rough week, the best prescription is a perfect summer day.

We started ours last Saturday with Amish baked goods, ended it with S’mores and lazed away the middle hours with good friends, a slow river, hungry fish, a bald eagle and 300 cows.

Facing another round of chemo on Monday, our friend Karen, who has been fighting Ovarian Cancer since Nov. 17, 2009, joined us with her family and our mutual college friends in what has become an annual retreat for our little group.

First stop, as always, was the Wussow’s Farm where we checked on our old friend Charlie Bob, a calf featured previously here.

Nearly a year old now, Charlie Bob is thriving and we were thrilled to see him tooling around with his steer friends. (Poor Charlie Bob’s days are numbered, though, which made our lunchtime hamburgers a little harder to digest).

We fed some brand new calves before we left, a much more cheerful task, and then we headed back to float down the Oconto River in a motley fleet of tubes and rafts.

We’ve always enjoyed the river the way God intended, as a pretty backdrop for our cabin and a conduit for lazy summer floats. Imagine our surprise (and a circling bald eagle’s interest) when our guest Joe the fisherman cast off and pulled out an actual bass!

This happened several times before a late afternoon volleyball game called our intrepid little band of fishermen away from the river.

We capped off the day with a bon fire and an astrology lesson from seven-year old Charlie, who pointed out both dippers and Cassiopeia.

As Charlie headed to bed he summed up all of our feelings about our perfect summer day.

“I knew it would be a good day today,” he said. “I wished it on a star.”

And then Charlie Bob nearly kissed Celia!
That’s Charlie and Rob with their namesake Charlie Bob. They were the first to see him born last year.
Molly and Jack bottle fed the babies.
Charlie took one of Kaila’s show Jerseys for a walk.
Charlie caught the fish and Vinnie reeled it in. Note the bend in the rod. This was one big fish!
Fisherman Joe ran a catch and release operation and he kept wanting to head back to the river. “Aren’t you tired of fishing yet?” someone asked. “I bet that fish is tired of being caught,” Molly said.
Ring out Ahoya for six MU grads. We can’t wait ’til next year.
There’s nothing like a camp fire and good friends to make you want s’more.

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