Sunrise, sunset swiftly flow the days

I saw the sun rise on a new life today.

Lured by artificial light, I slipped on borrowed shoes and a dirty T-shirt and stepped out to greet the day.

I can’t say it was happy to see me, as I had miscalculated the time. Slowly, though, we made amends and I enjoyed a long, leisurely jog while the sun gradually agreed to join me.

Led by the first and greatest, Grandma Mary Jane, we will welcome our newest outlaw to the Biskupic family as the sun sets today. Last night we joked a bit about what it means to be a member of this giant clan.

Many years ago my mother and father in-law launched the Green and Red Pepper Club to celebrate their grandchildren, who now number 13. The founder celebrated his birthday every year by sending birthday checks to the grandchildren.

The first attribute of the Biskupic family is generosity.

Grandpa Vince, who, like his father Vince and his son Vince and his grandson Vinnie, loved to celebrate. He made even small occasions into happy parties by turning a phrase and hoisting a glass.

The second attribute of the Biskupic family is joy.

Grandpa Vince, who died three years ago, won’t preside today (though his legacy of laughter remains). But Grandma Mary Jane made the trip, a difficult one for her. And Aunt Pat, Grandpa Vince’s sister, came from California. She will be here for less than 24 hours before she flies back to attend her grandson’s first communion.

The last and most important attribute of the Biskupic family is love.   

Congratulations, Chip and welcome to the outlaws!

Looks like a beautiful day for a wedding!
It was so dark on the beach when I first started my little jog that I almost clotheslined myself on a fishing pole.
I wasn't the only a little startled to find myself on the beach so early in the morning. This little guy and many of his friends washed up as well. We both ended up a little parched.
Pink sky at dawn, Biskupics rock on.
We celebrarted our April birthdays on a boat last night. Grandma Mary Jane is the first and the greatest of the seven (soon to be eight) outlaws.

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