A Giant disappointment

My boots have not yet recovered from the indignities of Sunday’s Packer game and neither have I.
Along with everyone else in this great state of Wisconsin, I believed my boots and I would see another home game this season.  Like many season ticket holders, we easily negotiated the distribution of our tickets, reasoning that our son Vinnie could attend the Giant game and Molly would go to the 49ers game.
Sure, I was nervous about the game as we tailgated in supreme style with our friend Gregg Graycarek and his band of merry football fans. But I did not believe our season would end.
And then my sister and I entered Lambeau Field and got a good look at our seats.
For a moment I thought I had stumbled into the wrong stadium, so prolific were the screaming Giants fans seated there. Oh, section 117, I thought I knew you!
The luxury of our pre-game accommodations equaled the misery of our gametime experience.
One quarter in and my boots started taking on water. Don’task me how. I really prefer not to think about the source. I leaned over and gently tapped the weird little man in front of me.
“Excuse me,” I said brightly. “If you hold your sign up during the play, I can’t see what’s going on down on the field. Could you please hold it up between plays?”
I think he tried to restrain himself at that point, but he was awfully proud of his scribbled little message “We’ll Cruz to victory.”
Clever…and prophetic.  He and his wife even autographed it. I knowthis because they waved it in front of my face about a thousand times during the game. I could have done a complete handwriting analysis.
As I squished out of the stadium on feet I no longer could feel, a Giant’s fan pointed at me.
“Let’s wait for the riff raff to leave,” he said to his friend. “And then we’ll head down to the field.”
Just over a year ago, I similarly made my way out of Cowboys Stadium. On that occasion, my feet barely touched the ground and the momentum of that Super Bowl win carried us through the drive all the way from Dallas to Appleton, Wisconsin.
I believe I know what motivated my seatmates in section 117 this season. I think they reasonably told themselves they could sell their tickets to the Giants game and earn a little money to put towards the Super Bowl. But, here’s a life lesson we’re constantly learning from sports and still have to remind ourselves from time to time: the glory is fleeting.
Next year, I hope section 117 will join me in celebrating every single Packer game from pre-season to post.  Carpe Diem.
Pregame. Giants fans are everywhere!!!
Our host and I inside a toasty heated tent for
a championship caliber tailgate.
He hooked up a flat screen. There really was no reason to leave.
My sister Kathy, Vinnie and Vince make themselves comfortable
around the heater.
It seemed like a whole lot of Packer fans poured into the stadium.
But this is what we saw when we got to our seats.
My poor boots took a beating too.

P.S. I really, really hope the Packers bring back Donald Driver!

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