Here’s to the middle of the Pack

Aaron Rodgers is a middle child.
Maybe that’s not the most impressive statistic for a man with a quarterback rating of 130.7, but for the purposes of our weekend, it suited nicely.
An offhand observation during our family’s pre-game festivities, which began Saturday night, set the theme for us. We had prepared a ridiculously indulgent meal for what we thought was absolutely no reason at all. In fact, we felt a little foolish when we sat down to our meal of tenderloin, fresh/frozen garden vegetables and oven crisped potatoes and realized that, thanks to deer hunting season, an extended class field trip and an out-of-state job, there were just three of us at the table. “Hey,” said my second son. “We’re all middle children.”
So we raised our glasses to, well, to ourselves and we toasted the middle child.
When’s the last time someone did that?
We met my sister Kathy, a true middle child, at Lambeau Field the next day. I’ve enjoyed going to Packer games with my sister for more than 25 years and, along the way, we’ve racked up some pretty good stories. We’ve gone to three Super Bowls together, ducked at the last minute when Eugene Robinson intercepted a pass and Lambeau Leaped right at us in 1996, and blinked icicles off our eye lashes during the bitter cold Giants game in 2007, Brett Favre’s last game as a Packer.
For a brief time, Kathy, my husband Vince (also a middle child) and I were all memorialized on the Packer Hall of Fame wallpaper (along with several thousand other fans).
Sunday, Kathy attended the game with her fiancé Keith, also a middle child, and his two sons. I brought my daughter Katherine (middle child) son Vinnie (middle child) and his girlfriend Kenzie (middle child).
With apologies to the young lady (and youngest child) whose name heads this column; let’s hear it for the middle child! At least one of us is a perfect 10-0.
Editor’s note: I should take a moment to explain the Eugene Robinson Lambeau Leap and why we (and by “we” I mean just “I”) ducked. When LeRoy Butler first Lambeau Leaped back in 1993, he did it after he intercepted a pass and scored a touchdown in the end zone. And that’s where every Packer player since has leaped. Except Eugene Robinson. Carried away by an admirable amount enthusiasm and an intimidating level of momentum, he hurled himself at us on the sidelines. I stood with everyone else and encouraged him as he headed our way following the exciting play. Then, as he left his feet and flew toward us (he didn’t have to jump up at that time, mostly just at) I panicked. Just before he hit, I bent down and he landed squarely on my husband and sister. Judge me if you must (I would), but ask yourself how you’d react if a fully padded and helmeted NFL player hurled himself at you!
We sit a little further up in the stadium now.
Go Pack Go!

Seven of our group of eight are middle children!
In the middle of the crowd.
77 was my dad’s number, also a middle child!
Family hug!

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