Praties and Murphy’s Law

Molly and I both enjoyed reading Galway Bay. In fact, the book prompted us to plant potatoes in our little garden. Literally. Inspired by the book’s detailed description of pratie fields in Ireland, we took a half dozen old potatoes and buried them. Much to our shock, they sprouted beautiful, flowering plants. For months we lived content with the knowledge that our rotten potatoes had grown lovely. We had no interest in what grew beneath the soil. Imagine our pleasure last week, when we dug up the plants and discovered that there were actual edible spuds under there!
We celebrated our crop by adjusting a favorite recipe and, last night we ate what we’re now calling Greek Potatoes. Sadly, a crushing blow followed that culinary triumph.
Hours after introducing our blog to our Facebook friends, my camera died suddenly. She did not go gently into that good night either, but left dramatically in the middle of an evening seminar I was hosting. The loud keening sound of an afflicted zoom lense first drew attention to me and my camera. I tried to hush it by shutting it off, but the clicking continued. Eventually I removed the battery and all eyes thankfully returned to the speaker. After the seminar, I put the battery back, but by that time rigor mortis had set in. I had to carry the thing home with the zoom lense completely extended (and to think how happy I was with the 7x zoom!)
I am determined to update this blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though, so I will be camera shopping later today.
In the meantime, enjoy these pictures, the last gasps of our dear old Olympus.

Brown the chicken first, then add sliced potatoes and onions.
While the chicken cooks, prepare your spinach.
Here is your beautiful finished product. Farewell Olympus!

Greek Potatoes Recipe
1/2 bottle Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinegarette
Four boneless chicken breasts
1 medium onion thinly sliced
2 cups thinly sliced potatoes
2 chopped tomatoes (or one can diced tomatoes)
4 cups Spinach
Feta cheese to taste

Pour Newman’s Own dressing (I used Balsamic Vinegarette) in frying pan, about an inch deep.
Brown four boneless chicken breasts with thinly sliced onion
Add thinly sliced potatoes (I’m guessing I used two cups)
Cook on medium high heat until chicken juices run clear and potatoes are crisp (This will take much longer than you think. Especially the potatoes. I would say 30 minutes. Add Balasmic Vinegarette as needed.)

Wash spinach and place in large glass serving bowl
Chop tomatoes (In the winter we use canned diced tomatoes)

Pour chicken/potato mixture on spinach and cover bowl with a plate. Let spinach steam for a minute or two.
Add chopped tomatoes and toss.
Just before serving, add crumbled Feta cheese.

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