For it’s Hi! Hi! Hey! on a 90th birthday and the neighbors keep rolling along

On the day before his 90th birthday party, our neighbor Doug popped into our garage. "Can I borrow your leaf blower?" he asked Vinnie, who had been assigned to clean his father's work bench. "Sure," said Vinnie. "But if you want someone to blow out your yard, I'll do it." "I finished my yard," the [...]

You’ll Never Walk Alone

We trudged through the rain on Saturday, a three-generational team in an age-old battle against a scary disease.Cancer attacks with stealth; its biggest ally is silence, its greatest enemy is knowledge. Races like the 31st annual American Cancer Society Sole Burner 5k, which draws nearly 8,000 participants each year, provide a worthy nemesis for cancer, [...]

Ruby’s Lullaby

My friend Trish, who does not love to fly, travelled more than 7000 miles to bring her daughter Ruby home. That year Savage Garden released a single called, "I knew I loved you before I met you" and it became Ruby's Lullaby. Placed with the Parenting Foundation of the Philippines shortly after birth, Ruby developed cataracts [...]