On wishbones and purple soup

Four days following our attempted consumption of the biggest bird we've ever shoved into our poor little oven, we're still coming up with creative ways to eat the leftovers. We turned the post-Thanksgiving sandwich tradition into competitive gaming, we used leftover bread crumbs and veggies in a Black Friday breakfast bake, we whirled frozen chunks [...]

The Kohl of the Rabi and other things we learned from our CSA

We shamefully dissed a perfectly good vegetable earlier this season and we’d like to apologize. Mea Cupla, Kohlrabi, Mea Maxima Culpa. Fortunately, the Kohlrabi has very thick skin, which, as it turns out, is what led us astray. Sheer laziness and a ridiculous refusal to step out into the cold led me to discover that [...]

An evening of Iron and Wine (A guest post by Katherine)

An evening of Iron and Wine (A guest post by Katherine)

An anemic since birth, I scored tickets to see the band Iron and Wine, which seemed like the perfect excuse to make an iron rich meal. Unfortunately, my friend Leah who purchased the tickets does not eat red meat, my usual first choice for iron. “Can’t we just focus on the wine part?” she asked. A [...]