An evening of Iron and Wine (A guest post by Katherine)

An evening of Iron and Wine (A guest post by Katherine)

An anemic since birth, I scored tickets to see the band Iron and Wine, which seemed like the perfect excuse to make an iron rich meal. Unfortunately, my friend Leah who purchased the tickets does not eat red meat, my usual first choice for iron. “Can’t we just focus on the wine part?” she asked. A [...]

The beautiful soul of a city, a university and a brand new music festival

If the heart of last week's Mile of Music Festival lay in its people -- pounding nervously in its volunteers, beating coolly in its artists and thumping happily in its attendees -- the soul stood stately, an anchor on the mile's east end. The Lawrence Memorial Chapel not only provided an elegant venue for the [...]

A Mile of Music, a measure of joy

Grammy winners and grandmas shared VIP status during Appleton's Mile of Music, a four-day festival that celebrated both music and the Midwest, elevated new talent and encouraged Nashville's stars to feel like one of us. Molly and I saw 29 bands in four days; we sang along with old friends, discovered new favorites and expanded [...]