What so proudly we hailed

On four occasions a performance of the National Anthem genuinely, memorably moved me. The first happened in 1991, ten days after the Gulf War launched. A Black Hawk helicopter flew over us as my sisters, my Dad and I made our way into Tampa Stadium. The well publicized fact that this would be the first [...]

A Giant disappointment

My boots have not yet recovered from the indignities of Sunday's Packer game and neither have I. Along with everyone else in this great state of Wisconsin, I believed my boots and I would see another home game this season.  Like many season ticket holders, we easily negotiated the distribution of our tickets, reasoning that [...]

Tailgate inspires warm memories of toasty spuds

My dad grew up on the side of a mountain in a self-described coal mining town called Colver, Pennsylvania. He spoke of an enviable upbringing on 20 Row, a road that wound from Colver at the top of the hill down to the mine at the base. On that single street lived both of his [...]

Here’s to the middle of the Pack

Aaron Rodgers is a middle child. Maybe that's not the most impressive statistic for a man with a quarterback rating of 130.7, but for the purposes of our weekend, it suited nicely. An offhand observation during our family's pre-game festivities, which began Saturday night, set the theme for us. We had prepared a ridiculously indulgent meal [...]