Jump around! Jump around!

Joy exploded like a fireworks encore when we all finally got together to celebrate the marriage of our son Charlie and daughter in-law Tara.

Patience, planning and expert production resulted in this cool juxtaposition of a gorgeous pastoral ceremony and an elegant, hopping dance floor that throbbed with memories and fun.

We were all so grateful for the opportunity to hang with our family, which has expanded in such wonderful ways, and to honor the people who had brought us here.

The bride and her bridesmaids carried bouquets made by her momfrom pages of Tara’s favorite books and decorated with jewels and a brooch from her grandma.

Charlie wore his grandpa’s Super Bowl I ring, his best man Vinnie wore a 1961 NFL Championship lapel pin and cousin Michael wore Packer cufflinks — all in honor of their Grandpa Ron.

We all sang “New York, New York” as has become a tradition during family gatherings to summon the celebratory spirits of Grandpa Vince and Grandma Mary Jane.

Meanwhile, the grandparents who were in attendance had a rip roaring time. Grandpa Jerry danced with Grandma Marion and with his granddaughter, the bride. Grandma Peggy rarely left the dance floor.

It still isn’t easy to host these big family gatherings. Travel logistics and health concerns make everything trickier. So we’re even more grateful to everyone who made the trip.

Congratulations to Tara and Charlie on their long-awaited big day and thanks for hosting such a perfectly planned party!

Vince and I were really excited to celebrate Charlie and Tara’s wedding. (PC Danni Askew)
My mom. sisters and I spent most of the evening on the dance floor.
The Biskupic aunts and uncles took planes, trains and automobiles to celebrate the big day. We’re grateful to them all.
Katherine and her cousin Lizzy.
Vince made a new and very dapper friend.
Cousins looking all elegant. You can’t see Michaels cool cufflinks but, if you look closely, you can see Vinnie’s lapel pin.
Tara’s bouquet was a tribute to her love of reading and her grandma.
Here’s to the grandparents who were with us in spirit.
Vinnie and I enjoyed the sunset just before heading in for dancing and the most amazing dessert bar I’ve ever seen
You know we had fun with the photo booth.
I always think I can hear Grandpa Vince and Grandma Mary Jane singing along.

7 thoughts on “Jump around! Jump around!

  1. Congratulations to Charlie and Tara. Of course to you, Vince & the entire families of this happy union.
    You might remember me, the Canadian Packers fan that you “interviewed” in Palm Springs. We were in Appleton, staying at Stephanie’s. She was so generous to offer it for our 2 nights stay to attend Family Night for the first time. Amazing atmosphere and tons of fun. She pointed out your home as she gave us the Appleton tour. Still enjoying your wonderfully written blogs regularly. GO PACK!

    1. Thank you! Of course we remember you! So sorry we missed you. Had we know you were going to swing past our house we’d have asked you to stop in and feed our gecko. 😂🦎 Hope to see you next time!

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